Aircraft Hotel

Business jet indoor parking area extended with 8000m2

All services under one roof
We believe your aircraft requires the best support in order to assure its availability for your operation. All services to maintain a perfect condition of your aircraft and operation are available at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. With the available indoor parking hangar you can base your aircraft at Amsterdam or just park it for the overnights, whatever you require.

The extensive hangar space is added value to the one-stop-shop concept for business aviation operators and JetSupports offer at Amsterdam. 

Protection from the elements
In order to protect your aircraft against the elements, enrolling into a Corrosion Prevention and Control Program is often not sufficient. lndoor parking provides this extra protection against the elements and higher maintenance costs.


  • Full concierge services to base your aircraft at Amsterdam
  • Overnight parking
  • Long-term/storage parking
  • Aircraft cleaning
  • Maintenance support services
  • Stock and catering replenish service
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