JetSupport Group implements LEAN team for continuous improvements

The LEAN project is a continuative program within the organization

Schiphol, September 14 2011 – The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences “lectorate” initiated a new focus area called: Lean in aviation maintenance. In the context of this focus Area, the students Maria Boersma, Marcel de Vries en Benjamin Wennink organized a round table discussion in which the industry demands, concerning process-optimization, were determined and discussed. According to this round table discussion, JetSupport seized the opportunity to cooperate with the “lectorate” Aviation Engineering of the University of Applied Sciences to involve graduate students in facilitating the LEAN workgroups.

The continuation of the workgroup within JetSupport will be provided by new students from the Lectorate. This cooperation between the Amsterdam University of Applies Sciences and JetSupport has proved to be very productive and educational for all the parties involved. The intention is to continue the cooperation between JetSupport and the Amsterdam University of applied Sciences.

Lean is in essence a methodology in which company processes are continuously refined and streamlined to better comply with customer demands.

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