Digital techlogs next step in use of tablets in MRO

Hard-copy techlogs replaced by tablets to further reduce paperwork

Schiphol, 15 April 2013 – With tablets being more and more used in aviation it was a matter of time before the hard-copy techlog would be digitalized too. In cooperation with the Luxembourg based company MRX Systems, the BlueEYE system has been enrolled within JetSupport’s CAMO organization. The main goal of this project was to reduce the paperwork and improve efficiency in the cockpit and CAMO office.

The BlueEYE system is used by JetSupport for all its continuing airworthiness activities. Customers are offered an iPad instead of logbooks to fill out their flight data and squawks. The application uses the iPad functionality and connectivity to secure all required logbook entries. The data is collected by the application on the iPad, and is made available to the CAMO department through a secured real-time data link. The use of a typical system helps JetSupport’s CAMO to make a leap in efficiency in their fleet management by this constant availability of aircraft data.

JetSupport’s launching customer, the Dutch Coastguard, operating 24/7 with two Dornier 228’s, was the first to show interest in the functionality of the digitalized system. Their continuous operation benefits from this new form of logbook by its weight reduction and efficiency in data collection. The implementation process was a joint effort between JetSupport CAMO, MRX Systems, CAA-NL and the Dutch Ministry of Defense. The high requirements of the Ministry of Defence laid the foundation to this service, enabling to offer this to JetSupport’s business aviation customer base.

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