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JetSupport provides technical services and support solutions for business aviation and special purpose aircraft with focus on flexibility, transparency and personal touch. We provide these services since October 2001 and we continuously improve our operation to the needs of our customers. Our services are specialized for the most common business aviation aircraft types, ranging from the Cessna Citation series, Dassault Falcon 50, 900, 2000 and 7x series and the Gulfstream series aircraft.

Over the last few years JetSupport has evolved from a maintenance provider to a technical service provider with solutions beyond ‘just nuts and bolts’. Located at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, our 3500 sqm maintenance and parking hangars offer the best preconditions to support your operation. Our unique geographical location serves as an efficient hub between North America and the rest of Europe.

We work according to our key values; flexibility, transparency and personal service to deliver your aircraft clear, correct and on-time. Browse through our website to learn more or contact us directly.

We look forward supporting you.



Ton van Deursen
Managing Director, Founder - JetSupport Group b.v.